Recently Sold Artwork

A small gallery of my recently sold paintings

Most sold paintings are available as art prints on canvas 



large colorful abstract painting by Julia Bars, black green pink

"Japanese Garden" 30x30



abstract painting, modern colorful artwork by Julia Bars

"Espressivo" 24x36 



modern abstract painting, black, red, turquoise, by Julia Bars

"Espressivo II" 24x36



abstract ocean and yacht painting by julia bars

"On The Wave" 30x30



turquoise abstract coastal painting, seascape art by Julia Bars

"Tranquility" 24x36   



abstract seascape painting, blue, gray, turquoise by Julia Bars

"Silence" 30x30 



 textured abstract painting Golden Bird by Julia Bars

      "The Story of Golden Bird" 24x30



yellow pink abstract wall art by Julia Bars 

 "Happy Escape" 30x30



pink peonies art, abstract painting, pink, coral, red by Julia Bars

 "Peonies" 30x30



large contemporary abstract painting red purple yellow by Julia Bars

 "Allegro" 30x40



 whimsical abstract painting, pink and blue, by Julia Bars

 "Another Happy Day" 30x30