“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

― Pablo Picasso


about us.jpgI am a self-taught artist and fabric surface designer. My artwork in all forms and sizes can be found in homes in Canada, United States, Mexico, Europe and Australia.

My favorite style is abstract in all it's variations and diversity. I also enjoy painting trees and flowers, I love to paint seascapes and coastal scenes. But I always see my subjects through the prism of abstraction and try to convey my perception of things rather than reality. 

I use many different techniques to achieve the look I want and to create a visual and tangible texture. Acrylic paint and mixed media offer endless possibilities to the searching mind of an artist. In my work I love to use bright vivid colors because I find them so beautiful. I feel that luscious colors bring out positive and uplifting thoughts.

I love to experiment, hence my ever changing approach to painting and desire to explore different styles.

Recently I partnered with reputable companies, who produce high quality home decor items and print my art on decorative throw pillows, duvet covers, shower curtains, leggings, dresses, tote bags and more. 

I also offer art prints and digital downloads of some of my sold paintings. 

I am amazed at the quality of these products and already have a lot of happy customers who enjoy having my art in their homes in a form of inexpensive, beautiful and usable things.

I have so much fun creating new designs, I just can't stop adding them to my shop. It's an addiction!

Another fields of my interest and work that I kept to myself for a while is Astrology and Tarot reading. Now I offer Tarot readings to the public and I love doing that! Tarot cards is a great tool for self-development, inner wisdom and guidance and my goal is not only use it for myself, but also to help others.


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