Small Items, Big Impact - 4 Creative Home Decorating Ideas

by Julia Bars

Have you ever gotten to a point where you suddenly think “my home decor really needs a makeover”? Perhaps you’re sick of the same decor, perhaps some things are starting to look worn out or perhaps you simply need a change.

Either way, I’m sure that at some point we’ve all decided that our living spaces became boring and that they no longer brighten our days.

But when most of us think of home decoration, be it for our apartment, beach house, vacation house or maybe even pool house - our dreams are quickly shattered when we factor in the cost element.

Yes, a complete home makeover can be quite costly.

However, regardless of your budget, you can improve your home décor using some easy-to-do trending and timeless home decorating tips.

Here’s an insider secret: small changes done gradually can make a huge difference. You don’t need to spend a fortune to see a big change.

So, let’s get cracking on some of these home decor ideas that will transform your home into a place that everyone will want to hang out in.

Living room

This is probably the most décor-sensitive part of your home. It is also the room that pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the house in terms of décor theme.

If replacing your seats is way over your budget, I recommend adding some cozy and colorful cushions to your couch or sofa.

This way, you’ll be giving your old sofa a new lease on life without really going overboard. It’s amazing what a combination of colorful toss pillows or cushion covers can do to an otherwise dull room.

Brown, blue, gray throw pillows on sofa. Julia Bars Art.

A set of new couch or decorative pillows will no doubt add that warm touch to your living room. And it’s not at all complicated. It’s just like arranging a bouquet of flowers. Try a few combinations, play around with different arrangements and see which one works best for you.


The place where “magic” happens, right? Magic of peaceful rest and sweet dreams, that is.

Not able to get that new bed you’ve been longing for? Then why not try simple tricks that will bring your bedroom’s "sexy" back.

Duvet cover, comforter with abstract design in aqua blue and mint green - Julia Bars Art

I recommend getting a fresh soft and comfy duvet covers or comforters or even a mix-and-match collection of high quality throw pillows.You can also get these designs specifically made to the colors of your choice to match your existing color scheme.

Your bedroom should always be a place of comfort and inspiration. So don’t be afraid to get creative with your bedroom décor.


Okay, you are probably thinking“this is a tiny room in my house, what could I possibly do to make it exciting?” The truth is, you could do a whole lot with very little.

Floral shower curtain in blue, pink and white - Julia Bars Art

But the most affordable and quickest way to transform your bathroom is to hang a new shower curtain.

Yes, it’s a small item, but it’s guaranteed to give your bathroom a whole new look.

A colorful and/or abstract bath curtain will definitely spice things up in your shower or bath area and even make the room feel luxurious. But remember to always go for a mold resistant fabric like polyester.


If a fresh coat of paint is not in the cards, no worries, there are a few tricks that you can use to get around it.

The easiest way to make your dull walls shine again is to get a few paintings and hang them strategically in rooms that you feel need a change.

Blue and lavender abstract art print in a black frame - Julia Bars Ar

An effective trick is to use a few of them to create a focal point and add some contrast on a wall.

Borrow a technique from advertising and create an attractive wallscape using wall decors like a large giclee print, an antique, or a piece of printable art to give your wall that inspirational look.

Set of 2 abstract art prints, printable coastal art - Julia Bars Art

Wall paintings are great at deflecting attention and breaking the monotony. Shop for art that goes well with your theme and always use different sizes to add depth and character.

Large wall mirrors can also work wonders, especially along hallways. They can be used to create a cozy living atmosphere and to make any space look larger than it really is.